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About Bismas kennel


I´m Terese Andersson and I breed

Staffordshire Bullterrier with the prefix Bismas.

My name is Terese Andersson, I'm born 1980 and lives in the sunny town Karlstad in Sweden.

1998 I started at Karlstad Brukshundklubb, then with his friend's Rottweiler and was immediately fixed in whatever BRUKS and dog training involves.

I was assistant in various courses and a frequent "watch and learn" person until I finally bought my first dog in 2002. That it would be a staffie was not obvious, however, I knew I wanted a working dog.

That it was Ewony and a Staffordshire bull terriers were many raised eyebrows at the beginning, and many probably thought that it was not doing anything with such a dog.

Ewony however, has been a good representative of the breed and made it to the Class 3 obedience, but also demonstrated their skills in the search and agility.

Today I train most obedience and agility with my dogs, but we also run track, search, freestyle and rally obedience.

My kennel aims to breed healthy dogs with good physique, a stable mind and a good exterior. Our goal is to first of all get the dogs to act as nice training / racing peers.


The goal for all puppies from us is to be hip X-rayed, eyes brightened and mentally tested. This is something we hold firmly to and believe in. No breeder can improve their health outcomes without the help of their buyers. You add important data for our breeding work. We want the dogs from our kennel to fit in all kinds of dog sports, and everyone knows that the competition / training wears the dog and that requires good fundamentals.


Our bitches are eye tested, x-rayed and tested for HC (hereditary cataracts) and L2-HGA, we will also use breeding animals that meet those requirements.


As a breeder, I want a good relationship with our buyers and look our buyers as friends and part of our family.

Anyone who works with tracking, obedience and more have priority when buying a puppy.


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